Coblan Art Space

Exhibition runs Oct 25 – Dec 20, 2018.



The initiative for this exhibition entitled COBLAN Art Space emerged from the idea of combining industrial design and visual arts as a response to a modern, comfortable lifestyle.

With this objective, LAAP and Coblan have created a common meeting space between visual artists belonging to the Latin American art platform of LAAP and the refined and sophisticated Italian design of kitchens and bathrooms represented by this Venezuelan firm located in the area of Doral, Florida.

Vicente Diez (V10) Artworks
Claudia Rofman Artworks
Reception Opening Night
Luis Castaneda, Cuban photographer
Marco Caridad, Remembraces series
Guillermo Portieles, Patricia Meier and Luis Cabrera
Maricarmen Fernandez and Silvia Sanjurjo
Sheila Fraga and Veronica Bonta

The COBLAN Art Space exhibition will be open to the public from Oct 25 to Dec 20, 2018 at 1805 NW 97.Miami Ave, FL 33172

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