Caribbean Art: Affinity & Contrast

Exhibition runs May 9th – June 29th / 2019 during the following days and times. With special hours on the following dates: May 9th (Opening Night) 6 pm – 8:30 pm May 25th (Meet and Greet with Majah Hype) 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm May 31st (Art talk with artists, curators, and journalist) January 30th, 2019

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Documenta II

Exhibition runs Oct 26 – Jan 4 / 2018/2019 Religiosity responds to the religious activity, devotion and belief of each person. It is the inner reflection that each believer offers about what he venerates in a spiritual way. Documenta, an annual exhibition that Latin American Art Pavilion has created as a social message through the

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Coblan Art Space

Exhibition runs Oct 25 – Dec 20, 2018. The initiative for this exhibition entitled COBLAN Art Space emerged from the idea of combining industrial design and visual arts as a response to a modern, comfortable lifestyle. With this objective, LAAP and Coblan have created a common meeting space between visual artists belonging to the Latin

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Language Autonomy

Exhibition runs Sep 6-14/ 2018. Although cultures are the heritage of humanity, they are the product of existence of language. Language is a codified sign system that allows man to communicate, think, preserve, express and transmit ideas and knowledge. In addition, language is culture itself because it founds the community on which all human culture is built, that is, language,

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