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Jose Marcano

Jose Marcano – Puerto Rico


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About Artist

JOSE MARCANO | artist statement

I am a multidisciplinary artist that expresses me through the painting, poetry, sculpture and photography. I record my emotionallycharged entries chronicle the tension and passions of the day-today, using color as the sensory tool.

My work is deeply centered in my social and emotional experiences, powered by the interactions resulting from of a long history of lifeconflicts.

My art convey feelings of loss and despair and in the same time has the balancing multiple dualities at once… strength and fragility…the ephemeral and the enduring… while bearing elements of healing and recovery through the careful process of their making.

During my creative process I establish an intimate connection to the personal that still speaks to collective experiences and universal emotions. In my work I reflect about varied themes as youth, sex, intimacy, and the dialogue of nonsenses, the incomprehensible fact of time… and of life itself.

My work envelops all energy in the vulnerable endeavor of expressing the unexplainable. Meditative lines and beating spirals make their way in a new canvas, black and white charcoal drawings where passion and freedom always surpasses reason.

I try that my art resonate with feelings that are seemingly from personal diaries… yet universally relatable and therefore ultimately accessible to the viewer.

JOSE MARCANO | (B. 1958, Juncos, Puerto Rico)

Graduated in Art & Photography, Cooper Union Art Institute and St. John University, New York, USA

Late ’90s Production of his own Mangrove Magazine 1985-1987 Director of photography and Production manager to Imagen and Caras Magazines, Puerto Rico Created his own photography business Dubois Marcano & Associates 7 YEARS as professional photographer in the Museum of Natural History, New York, New York, USA

1998 Cuerpos (Bodies), Carnegie Library, San Juan, Puerto Rico
1995 Three from the garage, Calle Hospital Workshop, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico  Desnudos (Nudes), Galeria Diseño Isleño, San Juan, Puerto Rico
1994 Poesia digital (Digital poetry), Galeria Guarionex, Old San Juan Viejo, Puerto Rico
1994 Tu Cuerpo (Your Body), Galeria Paloma, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
1993 Luz de Luna (Moonlight), Cangriman Workshop, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2018 Observing the creative phenomena, by Silvia Karman Cubiñá Executive Director & Chief Curator, sponsored by MSA Experimental, at Bass Museum of South Beach, Miami, FL, USA Gestures & forms of love, Studio 1329, Miami Shores, Miami, FL, USA
2010 Fresh Coletivo (Fresh Collective), Galeria Brio, San Juan , Puerto Rico Temps, Galeria Brio, San Juan. Puerto Rico
2009 Colectivo (Collective), Hotel Rio Mar inside Convencion de Industriales, P. Rico Colectivo de Verano (Summer Collective), Galeria Espacio 304, San Juan, P. Rico Pensamientos Da Cor (Thoughts Da Cor), Galeria Brio, San Juan, Puerto Rico
2008 Sentimientos (Feelings), Solo exhibition, Galeria Espacio 304, San Juan, P. Rico Bliss, Galeria Espacio 304, in Flora Park (Hato Rey), San Juan, Puerto Rico
Paisajes (Landscapes), Hotel Rio Mar inside Convencion de Industriales, Puerto Rico
1997 Mi Yo Colectivo (My Collective Self), works in ink on paper, Cangriman Workshop, San Juan, Puerto Rico B&W, works in ink on paper, Cangriman Workshop, San Juan, Puerto Rico
1996 Color 5, Lisette Rosado Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2009 Polímeros (Polymers), Galeria Espacio 304, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2010 Transgresiones Individual (Individual transgressions), Puerto Rico State Commission on Elections, San Juan, P.R.
2008 Puerto Rico Wine and Food Festival 2008, booth Espacio 304, Puerto Rico Convention Center, San Juan, P. R. Aug 15-17
2007 ARWI ‘07 International Art Fair, booth Carlos Garcia Espacio 304, Puerto Rico Convention Center, San Juan, P. R.
2006 CIRCA PR ’06, the First International Art Fair in the Caribbean, booth Carlos Garcia Espacio 304, Puerto Rico Convention Center, San Juan, P. R., May 25 – 28, 2006

2016 West, Jose Marcano Studio, Bird Road Art District, Miami, FL, USA My Week, Jose Marcano Studio, Bird Road Art District, Miami, FL, USA
2015 Small format, Jose Marcano Studio, Bird Road Art District, Miami, FL, USA Abstract, Jose Marcano Studio, Bird Road Art District, Miami, FL, USA
2013 En Tránsito (In Transit), organized by Jose Marcano, Orlando Public Library, FL, USA
2012 Retrospective Jose Pasarell, organized by Jose Marcano, Pine St 55 W, Downtown Arts District, Orlando, FL, USA. July 19

Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, San Juan John Dewey College- University Division, San Juan ids INTEGRATED DESIGN SOLUIONS, Guaynabo UBS Financial Services Inc., San Juan
Rigau Family, San Juan David Rodrigues, San Juan

Rafael Quiñones CEO, JDC, Miami FL Mr. Joshua Kigler, Miami FL Ever Binarte, Miami FL Aland Martinez, Miami FL

Website Publications
MSA Xperimental Editor, “Interview: Jose Marcano ( b. 1958, Puerto Rico )“, 2018 ,Miami, Florida, https://msa-x-2.msa-x.org/2018/03/09/entrevista-interview-jose-marcano-b-1958-puertorico-en-su-estudio-2018-miami-florida/ 

MSA Xperimental Editor, “ A visit to the Bass Museum of Art South Beach, Miami, with Annex Burgos, Nestor Otero, Jose Marcano, Great artist from Puerto Rico”, Sep 7, 2018, https://msa-x-2.msa-x.org/2018/09/07/a-visit-to-the-bass-museum-of-art-south-beachmiami-with-annex-burgos-nestor-otero-jose-marcano-great-artist-from-puerto-rico/

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