Latin American Art Pavilion History

For more than sixteen years, Maria Nápoles began her involvement in the world of visual arts. In 2004 her journey started as Executive Assistant next to Diego Costa Peuser, in Arte al Día Internacional en Miami Magazine. In 2008 she came to occupy the position of Executive Director International Art Fair in Miami where she held this position until 2012.

With all her accumulated knowledge and experience throughout the years of her close involvement in visual arts and her vast experience in sales she took it upon herself to seek out new Latin American artists. She made a triumphant leap forward to fund her own company, Latin American Art Pavilion (LAAP) established in Miami back in 2013.

Alongside with Latin American Art Pavilion, Maria Nápoles has been able to develop a system of commissioned exhibitions with cultural agreements with collaborations in international fairs. This is the fruition of not only in the appreciation of new art and the contemporary Latin American artists, but also has brought the art collectors interest in these new artistic proposals.  

María Nápoles has also implemented advisory services for entrepreneurs interested in establishing themselves in the visual arts market in South Florida. Today, María Nápoles serves as director of the Latin American Art Pavilion (LAAP) and as Art Director for Art & Design Gallery.

LAAP Mission Statement

Latin American Art Pavilion (LAAP) is an organization dedicated to promoting Latin American and Caribbean emerging and mid-career contemporary visual artists worldwide. LAAP’s trademarked platform propels the artist’s career through representation, coaching and consulting services helping them navigate and understand the dynamics of the world of art as a business.

Representation Services
– Curatorial
– Exhibitions
– Art fairs and other cultural events
– Artwork sales and acquisition

Coaching Services
– Developing a successful portfolio
– Artist Statement writing

Consulting Services
– Grant writing and residencies for artists
– Launching an art business in the US
– Private collection management

LAAP Vision Statement

Latin American Art Pavilion aims to be a platform for the artistic work of Latin America and the Caribbean. Which encourages, stimulates and establishes Latin American contemporary art of emerging and middle-career artists. Art that responds to a particular aesthetic and universal value to compete in the art market of the United States. In accumulation to serving as a needed reference to all new collectors and lovers of visual arts.

Meet Our Team

Maria Napoles

founder | director

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