Carlos Romaguera

Carlos Romaguera

Puerto Rico

Fenix Matrix by Carlos Romaguera
Fenix Matrix
Serie Brilhante

Oil on Fabriano paper
30 x 20 in (76 x 51cm)

Manos Divinas (Holy Hands) by Carlos Romaguera
Manos Divinas (Holy Hands)
Serie Brilhante

Oil on Fabriano paper
30 x 20 in (76 x 51cm)

Oracle by Carlos Romaguera
Serie Brilhante

Oil on Fabriano paper
30 x 20 in (76 x 51cm)

Enlightenment by Carlos Romaguera
Serie Brilhante

Oil on Fabriano paper
30 x 20 in (76 x 51cm)

Big Bang by Carlos Romaguera
Big Bang
Serie Brilhante

Oil on Fabriano paper
30 x 20 in (76 x 51cm)

Comunicacion by Carlos Romaguera
Serie Brilhante

Oil on Fabriano paper
30 x 20 in (76 x 51cm)

Cuna (Cradle) by Carlos Romaguera
Cuna (Cradle)
Serie Brilhante

Oil on Fabriano paper
30 x 20 in (76 x 51cm)


The concept of the series is based on the theory of the Big Bang as the beginning of the Universe, which led to the creation of matter, of gravity, the beginning of time and space, which we know. From here I investigate matter as an element that has specific physical and chemical properties, that occupies space and has a mass. This matter when unified generates energy and that in turn promotes movement. I center my painting on capturing these principles and taking them to the life cycle of the human being, where at the beginning these molecules are unified to conform us and at death they separate to restructure into another matter.

Carlos R. Romaguera (b. 1957, Santiago de Compostela, Spain)


2019 Colography Workshop led by the master Leonardo Duran, Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo (UASD), Dominican Republic.

1990-1994 He joins Galeria Latinoamericana in Old San Juan, founded and directed by the plastic artist Domingo Garcia. Galeria Latinoamericana was considered an influential art space for major local contemporary artists as well as a learning place for latent painters.

1985-1990 Varied workshops: Theory of color, Composition, Painting techniques, Texture as an expressive element, drawing human figure, live model, Serigraphy. Liga del Arte, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

1977-1982 Graduated as Doctor in Optometry, Higher School of Medicine of the National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico City.

1978-1981 Drawing and Painting: modeling courses, with the Mexican painter Ana Maria Landin, Mexico City, Mexico.

1972-1977 Drawing courses with Puerto Rican painter Ruben Bras, Ruben Bras ‘Studio, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

  • Charcoal, drawing-lace, composition and framing.
  • Watercolor, work with glazes.
  • Oil painting, Stain canvas (Imprimatura layers)
  • Modeling course with mental models



2020 Vortex, Betsy Padin Space, Liga del Arte, San Juan, PR, Mar 26 – May 13

2013 Escritos en la arena (Writings in the sand), Art Exhibition Hall, Fundación Angel Ramos (SalaFAR), San Juan, PR. APR 8 – Jun 26

2007 Augurios (Auguries), Museo de Arte y Casa de Estudio Alfredo Ramirez de Arellano y Rosell (MARA San German’s Museum of Art), San German, PR

2006 Augurios (Auguries), Galeria 356, San Juan, PR

2005 Trayectoria (Trajectory), Galeria Coabey, Old San Juan, PR

Fruts y Vegetales (Fruits & Vegetables) , La Tasa de Oro, NY, USA

2003 Trabajo reciente (Recent Work), Casa de España, Old San Juan, PR

2002 Trabajos recientes (Recent works), Casa Grande Museum, Mayaguez, PR

2001 MADRE (MOTHER), Art Gallery of the Humanities Department, University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez, PR

2000 Tiempo (Time), Old Ballajá Barracks, Museo de Las Americas, San Juan, PR

1997 Con los pies en la Tierra (With feet on the ground), Galeria Espacio Alterno, Old San Juan, PR

1996 Trabajos Personales (Personal Works), Caro Gallery, New Orleans, LA, USA

1995 Trabajos Personales (Personal Works), Citibank Hato Rey Branch – San Juan, PR

1994 Adios al Aljibe (Goodbye to cistern), Residence Eng. Hector Juncos, San Juan, PR

1993 Mi Mano y mi Firma (My Hand and my Signature), Artist’s atelier, San Juan, PR



2022 Narratives in Latin American Art, by LAAP (Latin American Art Pavilion), at ArtServe, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA. Oct13-Dec30

2019 International Fair ARTFORO 2019, 3rd Edition & 1st in Dominican Republic, Palace of Fine Arts, Dominican Republic. Dec 10-15.

Utopías, espacios y lenguajes del arte caribeño contemporáneo ( Utopias, space and languages of contemporary Caribbean art)  and homage to the Dominican visual artist Tony Capellan, 6 International Congress of Visual Artists, Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Dominican Republic. Nov 6.

Viaje en Yola (Travel in Yola), Specialized School of Fine Arts, Ponce, PR. Oct 4

POLIFONIA: Convite de artistas de Puerto Rico y Republica Dominicana, within the framework of the Santo Domingo International Book Fair, curated by Carlos Acero Ruiz. Quinta Dominicana, Dominican Republic. Apr 16-May 5

Con-junciones, Carlos Romaguera & Juan Mayi. Museo de las Casas Reales   (Museum of the Royal Houses), Colonial District, Dominican Republic. Jul 30.

2018 El Caribe en Puerto Rico (The Caribbean in Puerto Rico), Museo de Arte Caribbean University (MACU), Bayamon, PR. Nov 7, 2018- May 7, 2019

Presencia (Presence). Thirteen participating Puerto Rican artists, Canvas Miami Gallery, Art Basel week, Miami, FL, USA Dec 6-9

Miradas y Convergencias de las artes visuales, un enfoque al arte tridimensional (Looks and Convergences of the visual arts, an approach to three-dimensional art), 5 International Congress of Visual Arts. Auditorium Manuel del Cabral the Pedro Mir Library, Faculty of Arts of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Dominican Republic. Nov 8

2016 Biennial SalaFAR 2016,  Galeria Bertita y Guillermo L. Martinez, Museum of Art of Puerto Rico (MAPR), MAPR curator Juan Carlos Lopez Quintero and Irene Esteves, art historian and member of the SalaFAR artist selection committee. Hato Rey, PR. Jun 24-Sep 25

2014 Spectrum Art Fair, Art Basel week, Miami, FL, USA. Dec 3-7

2010 Retorno (Return), West Gallery, Mayaguez, PR. Jul 10

2005 In Art We Trust, Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center, historic Lower East Side, Manhattan, NY, USA

2004 Colectivo (Collective), Creativo Caribeno Gallery, San Juan, PR 

2003 Colectiva (Collective), Prinaldi Gallery, San Juan, PR

Arte en el Casino (Art in the Casino), Mayaguez, PR

2002 Entre el Tiempo y los Pueblos (Between Time and Peoples). Artists; Isabel Bernal and Carlos Romaguera. Banco Santander, Mayaguez, PR

Artistas (Artists), Prinaldi Gallery, San Juan, PR

Pequeño Formato (Small Format), Galeria Raices, Santurce, PR

2001 Colectiva (Collective), Galeria Raices, Santurce, PR

1995 Collective Art exhibition to aid Down Syndrome Foundation, Museum of Art and History, San Juan, PR

1992 500 años de Pintura Puertorriqueña (500 years of Puerto Rican painting), Museum of the Arsenal, La Puntilla, San Juan, PR

Pequeño Formato (Small Format), Galeria Luiggi Marrozini, San Juan, PR

Colectiva (Collective), University of Dayton, ayton, OH, USA

Grupo X, Museum of Art and History, San Juan, PR

Colectiva (Collective), Galeria Coabey, San Juan, PR

1991 90 años de Pintura (90 years of Painting), Galeria Latinoamericana, San Juan, PR

Pequeño Formato (Small Format), Galeria Luiggi Marrozini, San Juan, PR



2022 Art Market San Francisco 2022, stand AC Latin Art. Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture, San Francisco Bay, California, USA. Apr21-24

2021 Scope Art Show, 20th Anniversary Edition. Stand Latin American Art Pavilion (LAAP) | Miami, Miami Beach, FL, USA. Nov30-Dec5



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