Elisa Lejuez

Elisa Lejuez

Netherlands Antilles

Spiral Beauty by Elisa Lejuez
Spiral Beauty

Mixed media on canvas
25x39 in (63.5x100cm)

Sea of Hearts by Elisa Lejuez
Sea of Hearts

Mixed media on canvas
23 x 96 in (58 x 178cm)

Magic Spiral series by Elisa Lejuez
Magic Spiral series

Mixed media on canvas
12 x 12 in each one (30 x 30cm each one)

Dessert Morning by Elisa Lejuez
Dessert Morning

Mixed media on canvas
23 x 96 in (58 x 178cm)

Coral World by Elisa Lejuez
Coral World

Mixed media on canvas
26 x 70 in (66 x 178cm)


The series “Totems, Ode to the Gods” is inspired by the cave drawings of the Arawak aborigines of the island of Aruba, rich in compositions and patterns. After studying the drawings made on the rocks of the aborigines, I chose to combine compositions with shapes of shells and corals under the technique of screen printing and the process of overlays, in addition to adding the pigment of the stone flake itself as a colorant in my works. Aqua colors, shades of brown, burnt oranges are some of the ranges present in the Aruban environment that I transfer to my series.

The cadence of native Aruban music was an important element in this series, which I tried to incorporate into the compositional rhythm, backgrounds and finishes of the works. The sensation of a “fossil” finish in my work has been achieved by applying graphite techniques, gold leaf, silver leaf and stamped layers of native drawings. The presence of petroglyphs in my art is the result of the observation of indigenous symbolism that I made and I invite the viewer to enjoy.

Elisa Lejuez

Elisa Lejuez (1973, Nijmegen, Netherlands Antilles)

1997-1998 Post University of Fine Arts, Arnhem, the Netherlands
Master degree with specialization: textile design
1991-1996 University of Fine Arts, Arnhem, the Netherlands

2020 Mural for PF Chang’s Restaurant in Aruba. Oct

2019 Group Exposition, the Pelham Art Center in New York. Dec 15
2016 Solo exhibition, Country House Restaurant Corks and Forks, Curacao. Nov Weaving. Solo exhibition at Historic Museum Aruba. March 18
2015 Caribbean colorful Diversity, Celebrating the Caribbean’s Cultural Contrasts, collective exhibition by Latin American Art Pavilion (LAAP) at Ansin Family Art Gallery, Miramar Cultural Center, Broward, Florida Jun 4-Aug 28
2014 We Kiss the Joy as it Flies, Solo exhibition S Artpace Gallery, New York, NY. Mar 19 – Apr 2
2013 Connections, Solo exhibition, S Artpace Gallery, New York, NY. Apr 25- May 25
2012 Conversations, collective exhibition by S, Artpace Gallery, NY. Mar 18 – Apr 1
2012 Aruba in Style 2012, Dutch and Aruban Group Show, Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort on November 2, 2012 in Oranjestad, Aruba. Caribbean Arte, Collective exhibition, Uni-Arte. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Sep
2011 Micro-Macro, Collective exhibition Netherland Ambassador Residence in Washington DC, USA. Sep
2010 Group Expo Food and Wine, the Westin Resort Aruba. Jun
2009 The release of my clothing line “Black and White” at Jeanne in Fashion, Aruba. Jun

2022 Aqua Art Fair, room Latin American Art Pavilion, Miami Beach, FL, USA. Nov 30 – Dec 4
2014 Red Dot Art Fair, stand Latin American Art Pavilion, Miami, FL, USA. Dec 2 -7