Micky Goldstein

Micky Goldstein


The Amy by Micky Goldstein
The Amy

Oil on canvas
120 x 120 cm (47 x 47in)

Queen of Hearts by Micky Goldstein
Queen of Hearts

Oil and gold leaf on canvas
100 x 100 cm (39 x 39in)

Jean Michel by Micky Goldstein
Jean Michel

Oil on canvas
130 x 130 cm (51 x 51in)

Eduard by Micky Goldstein

Oil on canvas
130 x 130 cm (51 x 51in)

Amy Winehouse by Micky Goldstein
Amy Winehouse

Oil and charcoal on canvas
140 x 100 cm (55 x 39in)


The iconic portraits are portraits of the human soul in an expressive yet graphic and minimalist way, in which I combine illustration and quotes, and imprint the very essence of iconic characters. 

After years of painting figurative and impressionist drawing, I developed a new artistic approach based on the understanding that perfection exists only as an abstraction in our minds, and not in the natural world. As a result, my recent portraits series explore the concept of perfect imperfect, experimenting techniques to disturb the conventional creation process, such as painting in the dark or drawing with my left hand. I also investigate the use of new material and medium in my works.

MICKY GOLDSTEIN (1960, Santiago de Chile, Chile)

Israeli artist Micky Goldstein lives and works in Tel Aviv.



1983-1987 Graduated in majoring in Design (Visual Communication called today), specialized in illustration and animation, the Academy for Design and Education WIZO Haifa College, Haifa, Israel 



2006-2009 Illustrator for Jerusalem Post newspaper, Tel Aviv, Israel

1998 Collaboration as painter with autism’s patient

EarIy 1990 Illustrator as Israeli press system and political cartoons for Yedioth Ahronoth, national daily newspaper, Tel Aviv, Israel

Illustrator of children books, textbooks, poetry books

Designer to a wide variety of advertising agencies in Tel Aviv.

1985-1987 Personal assistant in printing prints using the Aqua Tinta technique with the artist, educator and curator Avraham Eilat, Israel



2022 I’m Not Afraid of The Dark, curated by Hagit Peleg Rotem, Wertheimer Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. March4-Apr1

2018 Perfect Imperfect, Lemon Frame Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. July5-11

2017 Image, Carmiel Municipal Gallery, Israel

2016 Imagine, Irit Hadani Gallery, in the Complex Sea & Sun, Tel Aviv, Israel. Sep15-23

2001 I have another country, Petah Tikva Israel Urban Gallery. Israel



2023 Alone Together, Lemon Frame Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel. May16-Jun14

2022 Interface, Wertheimer Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Aug14-Oct30

In the Locked Garden, Lemon Frame Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. May5-31

2021 Commedia della Vita, Lemon Frame Gallery, TelAviv, Israel. Dec16-Feb16

I don’t care, Pop Art exhibition by Latin American Art Pavilion (LAAP) and curated by Anaibis Yero, Pompano Beach Cultural Center, Pompano Beach, FL, USA. Oct8-Jan5

2015 Llamado de los Angeles (Call of the Angels), June O’Higgins Institute, Santiago Chile, Chile

2014 The Sea, Givatayim Theater, Givatayim, Israel

2013 From the Andes Mountains to Jerusalem, City Hall Petach Tikva, Tel Aviv, Israel. Oct.

2012 El Fin del Mundo 2012, Galería Oren Michas, Tel Aviv. Israel 

2011 Pregnancy, Gallery Ginger Giraffe, Mumbai, India, Dec.

2006 La Femme (The Woman), the Art et Miss Gallery, Paris, France



2018 SCOPE Miami 2018, 18th edition, Booth A19- Lemon Frame Gallery from Tel Aviv, Israel. Miami Beach, FL, USA. Dec5-9

2017 Red Dot Art Fair. Booth R201- Lemon Frame Gallery from Tel Aviv, Israel. Miami, 1700 NE 2nd Avenue. Dec6-10

Art Fair Málaga’17, the 1st International Fair of Contemporary Art, Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Malaga, Spain. Jun30-Jul2

2012 ArtExpo New York, Booth Steinhausen Gallery, organized by Radio International Caracol Queens, NY, USA. March24-25