Monica Kline

Monica Kline

Chile - Israel

Harmony by Monica Kline

Mixed media on canvas
15 x 15 cm

Abstract Nº 2 by Monica Kline
Abstract Nº 2

Textile on cardboard
10 x 8 in (25 x 20 cm)

Abstract Nº 5  by Monica Kline
Abstract Nº 5

Oil, Suede straps on cardboard
10 x 8 in (25 x 20 cm)

Individual Together by Monica Kline
Individual Together

Mixed media on canvas on cardboard
12.5 x 8.5 in (32 x 21.5 cm)

Colorful Black  by Monica Kline
Colorful Black

Oil, Suede colored straps on cardboard
10 x 8 in (25 x 20 cm)


The yarn is the inspiration in all my creative process. The real magic that is obtained from the combination of different types of yarns, the weaving process of overlapping threads vertically and horizontally (warp and weft), the union between the threads and the result of solid and resistant fabrics with variations of soft or hard textures is a process that has captivated me for thirty-five years and is the reason for my art: a dialogue that I establish between my work and the viewer to express my inner world with its algid, fluid and continuous points of life itself.

I express my art through the positional undulations of the fabrics and chamois in the structure where I play with their textures and colors to create an abstract, emotional, balanced and contemplative composition. The use of oil pigment as an initial support in my work, allows me to recreate the threaded lines of the fabric to give a manufactured character to the work.

My art is a proposal to introspection, to the internal search of the self, to externalize better skills and offers to the viewer.

MONICA KLINE (1960, Santiago de Chile)

Chilean -Israeli artist Monica Kline lives and works in Tel Aviv.




2022 Oil technical workshop. Imparted by Ora Shwartz, WISO (Women’s International Zionist Organization) Institute, Israel. Jan

Shape & Color course, Tel Aviv University Israel. Sep

Colors and Shades workshop. Imparted by the painter and photographer Avraham Eilat, Ben- Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel. March

1979-1983 B.S. in Business Administrations, Diego Portales University, Santiago de Chile, Chile



2023-2024 Artist member of the Latin American Art Pavilion (LAAP) art platform, USA

2021-PRESENT Artist’s Communities of the Tel Aviv Southern neighborhoods, Israel



1985-2019 General manager and Specialist in textile product development,  Importadora y Distribuidora Capitol Ltd. dedicates wholesale of textile products, Santiago de Chile, Chile



2023 Weaving with brush, Municipality Gallery of Givatayim City, Tel Aviv, Israel. Sep15-30

Together and each separately, The Marc Chagall Artists’ House, Haifa, Israel. Aug12-Sep12

Between Art & Design, Latin American Art Pavilion exhibition in collaboration with Arts Connection Foundation space, Miami, FL, USA Jul15-Aug26