Octavio Cuellar

Octavio Cuellar

Czech Republic / Cuba

Collage Rapt by Octavio Cuellar
Collage Rapt

Copper sheet embossing & welding
13H x 27W x 4D in

Tribute Versace  by Octavio Cuellar
Tribute Versace

Copper sheet embossing & welding
23H x 20.5W x 12D in

My Chic LV by Octavio Cuellar
My Chic LV

Copper sheet embossing & welding
16H x 9.5W x 2D in

Collage Whim by Octavio Cuellar
Collage Whim

Copper sheet embossing & welding
6H x 22W x 10D in

Escape by Octavio Cuellar

Copper sheet embossing & welding
25H x 14W x 8D in


I am an artist who has dedicated himself to investigate, through sculpture, the forms in which art approaches the human themes. Concepts such as farewell, loss, mourning, assimilation, longing, joy, beauty and immortality are present in my artistic production because it is an entirely humanist work. These concepts I transfer to my work and treat them as energy, essence, and human spirit, which allow me to create a figuration absent from figuration, where the viewer is in charge of supplementing those omissions.

In my work, various topics are present: Universal Culture and Immigration, Essence and Human Spirituality and Decontextualization of the Object, something I call “Desnomination”.

In the first one, Universal Culture and Immigration, I integrate the element that migrates (not only do individuals emigrate, culture, ideas also migrate) and distribute symbologies belonging to ancient cultures which help me reinforce losses and presences throughout the history of humanity. An example of this is the Palimpsest series.

In the second one, Essences and Spirituality I reflect the human interior and work themes such as music and dance seen as states of creation. The religious theme is posed with images of monks as introspective entities.

In the third topic, Desnomination of the Object, I decontextualize the object and contextualize it metamorphosed in a new one. An example is the Hedonism series.

The influences in my art are marked by Giorgio de Chirico and Fidelio Ponce de Leon, the first gave me the concept, and the second closed the figuration. Impressionist sculptor Medardo Rosso, in the treatment of works, Salvador Dali with metamorphosed forms and neorealism in human absence and the presence of objects.

I have always worked using noble metals such as copper, brass, bronze, silver, gold in a traditional way because I believe in the beauty of the trade of classical masters. Each blow, each welding allows me to extract from one sheet unrepeatable lights and shadows, textures, beautiful traces of defects and inaccuracy, obtaining works of a strong visual apprehension with the timeless halo that used objects acquire. 

My proposal as an artist is to impact the public, provoking visual confusion to provoke reflection and mental processes of thought that without assuming a religion, a specific political or cultural framework, the viewer can discover the spiritual part of what we are as humanity.

OCTAVIO CUELLAR (b. 1964, Czech Republic/Cuba)

Place of residency: Miami, Florida, USA

AFFILIATION: National Sculpture Society, New York, NY



BA 1988- 1992 Graduated of Sculpture and Drawing, “San Alejandro” National Academy of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba 



First Prize of Sculpture, Art Fest @Doral, Carlos Albizu University, Miami, FL, USA (2011)

Second Place, Erotic Art Salon, Gallery La Acacia, Havana, Cuba (2000)

First Place, Small Sculpture Competition Format Fernando Boada, Havana, Cuba (1993)



2013 Tautology, Miami River Drive Art Fair, James L Knight Miami Convention Center, Brickell, Miami FL, USA (Dec 5-8)

Hedonism, Viceroy Hotel at Icon Brickell, Miami FL, USA

2010 Palimpsest, Gallery-Studio o2c-Art, Art Basel, Wynwood, Art District, Miami, FL, USA (Oct 6-9)

2005 To exhale, Smoke Jazz and Supper Club, New York, NY, U S A

2002 The Art of Octavio Cuellar, J.L.S. Contemporary Art Gallery, Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico, Mexico

2001 Fugitive Spirit, La BOOM Show Center, Mexico City, Mexico

1999 Escaping of my body, Cigar Smokers Country Club and Habano Tobacco House. Istanbul, Turkey

Upside down Century. Travelling exhibition in Greece. May, Piraeus Municipal Gallery; July, Cultural Center of the Kephalonia Island’s government and Museum of the University of Athens

1997 In silence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX), Havana, Cuba

Eyes that prefer to imagine, Gallery La Acacia, Havana, Cuba (Nov 18-Dec 15)

Things of the soul, Andalucía Plaza Hotel, Puerto Banus, Andalucía, Spain

1995 The essential is invisible to the eyes, Octavio Cuellar sculptures, Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design, Havana, Cuba (Sep 20-Oct 21)

1993 Spiritual, Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design, Havana, Cuba (Apr)

1992 Reflections, Art Center 23 y 12, Havana, Cuba (Jul)



2022 Culture & Identity of our America, curated by Anaibis Yero, project Latin American Art Pavilion at Pompano Beach Cultural Center, Pompano Beach, FL, USA. Oct14-Jan3

Narratives in Latin-American Art, curated by Anaibis Yero, project Latin American Art Pavilion at ArtServe, Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA. Oct13-Dec30

2019 Visions of Cuba, Historic Cuban Cigar Factory “Eduardo Gato”, Key West, FL, USA (Feb 1-May 3)

2018 I’m Icon, Icon Brickell Residences Tower II, Miami, FL, USA (Dec 3-9)

2017 Memories & Challenges of Contemporary Latin American Art, Magnetic Pompano, Creative City Collaborative & Pompano Citi Centre, Pompano Beach, FL, USA (Aug 14-Sep 17)

Dreams, Sarcasm, Cynicism, Art & Design Gallery, Miami, FL, USA (May 4-29)

2016 Intangible Flight, curated by Anaibis Yero to Art & Design Gallery, Miami, FL, USA (Feb 18- Mar 14)

2015 Celebration of the Rich Traditions of Hispanic Heritage, Ansin Family Art Gallery @ Miramar Cultural Center, Broward, FL, USA (Sep 3-Oct 30)

2014 Three talents, three artists, Museo Casa de Piedra, Tlaxcala, Mexico (May 14-Jun 16)

2012 Biennial Visual Art LNVA, Alexey von Schlippe Gallery of Art at the University of Connecticut’s, Avery Point Campus, CT, USA (Sept 15- Oct 26)

2010 RUTA 2010, International Juried Exhibition with the mission of honoring Mexico’s Bicentennial of its Independence from Spain in 1810. Inaugurated by Mexican Ambassador in Miami, Juan Miguel Gutierrez Tinoco, Audrey Love Gallery, Bakehouse Art Complex, Wynwood Art District, Miami, FL, USA (Sep 10- Oct 1)

2007 Europe-Latin America Meeting, Galeria J.L.S. , Valle de Bravo, State of Mexico, Mexico (Jun 2-30)

2004 Sin fin, sin contén, sin medida, Gallery Espuela de Plata, Center for the Development of Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba (Apr 14)

2001 Fifth Cuban-Mexican Visual Arts Salon, Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Mexico, México City, Mexico

2000 First Erotic Art Salon, Gallery La Acacia, Havana, Cuba (Mar 30-Apr 30)

1999 Contemporary Cuban Exhibition, Cuban Embassy in Bratislava, Slovakia (Jun-Nov)

1998 Czech Culture Week Exhibition, Gallery Galiano-Concordia Art Center, Havana, Cuba

1993 Salon Pequeño Formato (Small Format Salon), Gallery L, Havana, Cuba

1992 La muestra del año (The show of the year), Gallery La Acacia, Havana, Cuba



2016 Art Medellin’16, stand Latin American Art Pavilion (LAAP). Curated space by Anaibis Yero and named “Trazos de Identidad” (Strokes of identity), Plaza Mayor, Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia (Sep 16-19)

2015 Red Dot Art Fair, Stand Latin America Art Pavilion, Gallery-room Space, Art Basel week, Downtown Miami FL, USA (Dec 1-6)

2011 Art Naples International Contemporary Art Fair, Miami Wave Project (booth), Naples International Pavilion, FL, USA (Mar 18-21)

2004 Second National Biennial of Visual Arts of Yucatan, Center of Visual Arts, Yucatan, Mexico

2000 Third Biennial of Sculpture, Teodoro Ramos Blanco Gallery, Havana, Cuba

CODEMA 2000, Cuban Contemporary Sculpture Salon, International Forum of Environmental Sculpture, Center for the Development of Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba

1994 Fifth Havana Biennial, Contemporary Cuban Sculpture, Mariano Rodríguez Gallery, Havana, Cuba (May 6-Jun 30)

1992 ARCO’92, Exhibit on the occasion of the Meeting between Two Cultures, Madrid, Spain (Feb 13-18)



2020 Private Art Commission, Virgin of Loreto, sculpture 40H x 30W x 29D inches, copper, Miami residence house, FL, USA

Private Art Commission, Ka (Theater characters), sculpture 74H x 24W x 31D inches, copper, Miami Country Day School, Building Center for the Arts, Miami, FL, USA

2019 Private Art Commission, Set Up (photographer), sculpture 70H x 41W x 28D inches, copper, Miami Country Day School, Building Center for the Arts, Miami, FL, USA

2018 Private Art Commission, Cambré (classical ballet feminine dancer), sculpture 62 H x 40 W x 32 D inches, copper, Miami Country Day School, Building Center for the Arts, Miami, FL, USA

2017 Private Art Commission, Contra Bass Musician, sculpture 77 H x 34 W x 32 D inches, copper, Miami Country Day School, Building Center for the Arts, Miami, FL, USA

2002 Private Art Commission, Espiritu prófugo (Spirit fugitive), twenty sculptures on human scale, copper, Rincon Dorado, Cuernavaca, Morelos State, Mexico

2000 Corporate Art Commission, Luego existo (Then I exist), three sculptures on human scale, copper, Hostel Los Frailes, Old Havana, Cuba

Public Art Commission, Tourists, three sculptures on human scale, copper, Arenas Doradas Hotel, Varadero, Cuba

1999 Corporate Art Commission, The Monk, sculpture, copper, Basilica Minor of the San Francisco de Assisi Convent, Old Havana, Cuba

Public Art Commission, The Rhythm of Silence, four sculptures, variable dimensions, copper, Jazz Café, Havana, Cuba

1997 Private Art Commission, Spainair Traveler, sculpture, copper, Spanair S.A. headquarter in Palma de Mallorca, Spain 

Private Art Commission, Slow Passage, sculpture, copper, Andalucía Plaza Hotel, Puerto Banus, Andalucía, Spain

Public Art Commission, Appearance, sculpture, copper, Hotel Sotavento, Varadero, Cuba

1996 Public Art Commission, Presence, sculpture, copper, Hotel Arenas Doradas, Varadero, Cuba



Corporate Collection

CUBA Office of the City historian Eusebio Leal Spengler, Basilica of the Convent of St. Francis of Assisi, Old Havana

Hostal Los Frailes, Old Havana

Hotel del Tejadillo, Old Havana

Havana Jazz Café, Havana

Paseo Galleries, Havana

Hotel Arenas Doradas, VaraderoMatanzas

Hotel Sotavento, Varadero, Matanzas

Hotel Turquesa, Varadero, Matanzas


Private Collection

CANADA Gordon Viberg, Victoria, British Columbia

ECUADOR Galo Roggiero, Guayaquil

ENGLAND Halvor Astrup, London 

GUATEMALARicardo Arjona, Guatemala City 

MEXICO Slim Family, Mexico City 

Hank González, Mexico City 

De la Parra Family, Cuernavaca

SPAIN Luis Callejon Family, Puerto Banú

SYRIA Prince Faisal Abdula, Damascus 

USA Senator Mark O. Hatfield, Oregon

Carl Landegger, New York, NY

Isaac del Sol, Miami, FL 

Hernandez family, Miami, FL


Institutional Collection

USA Miami Country Day School, Miami Shores, FL




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