Culture & Identity of our America


Culture & Identity of our America

Exhibition runs October 4, 2022 – January 3, 2023.

To talk about Latin America it is necessary to include other peoples that also make it up, that were not colonized by Spain and/or Portugal. It is for this reason that we will try through this art exhibition entitled: “Culture and Identity of our America” to use a more inclusive term ‘The New World’, encompassing the Caribbean and the Americas (North with Mexico, Central and South) to address culture as regional identity.

The cultural diversity in ‘The New World’ is complex due to the actors that make it up: aboriginal peoples of diverse cultures, European colonization, black trafficking, birth of the Creole and mestizo due to racial crossings, migratory waves of the 20th century and that still continue expanding and enriching cultures in the Americas.

This great amalgam has made it possible to speak of a culture with its own identity, which although it navigates particular routes from country to country, has within its singularities, features of the American cultural imaginary, rich in colors, smells, proverbs, folklore, religiosity , architecture, festivities, cuisine and music.

Our proposal is to show this enormous cultural wealth that gives us our own identity – per se the differences – through “Culture and Identity in our America”.

Anaibis Yero
LAAP Art Curator

Panoramic View I
The Last Frontier. Sculpture by Octavio Cuellar
Patricia Meier Art
Tropical Garden. Photographic Series by Veronica Bonta
Panoramic View II
Paintings by Adriano Nicot & Chair by Jorge Martinez
Left: Guillermo Portieles with Basin Painting. Martha Espinoza with Birds
Left to right Patricia Meier Art & Mario Mogrovejo Painting
Jorge Martinez Art
Between Hand Fans; Chair from Jorge Martinez, Painting by A.Guerrero
Alessandro Abate Photography & A. Tejuca Paintings
Exhibition Lettering