Exhibition runs January 14, 2022 – March 30, 2022.

When the director of the Latin American Art Pavilion project, Maria Napoles, proposed to me the idea of holding an exhibition dedicated to women through the art of loom and embroidery expressed and mixed in different artistic disciplines, the idea was attractive to me, valid and challenging because it meant bringing together a group of women artists, who would narrate stories and personal experiences through the art developed by each one of them and that at the same time their stories were interwoven to achieve as a result a great network of connection between women artists within contemporary visual arts. 

For this purpose, we have brought together nine artists for this exhibition entitled Linking Strands: 

Aimee Perez within sculptural ceramic and the use of rope as an expressive and conceptual element in her work.

Yudit Vidal Faife with two works belonging to his series “Between threads, wings and brushes”, where needlework, traditional in the city of Trinidad in Cuba, are revitalized along with painting and drawing to achieve unique pieces of strong character expressive and aesthetic.

Sheila Fraga incorporates in her paintings the work of the thread as an expressive element that allows her to communicate philosophical concepts.

Analvis Somoza, through the use of collage and pigments, provides us with patchworks from her pictorial series “Dandy Images”.

Sol Villanueva focuses on highlighting cultural identity and transculturation based on loom techniques such as that of the Mapuche ethnic group and Japanese embroidery such as Kogin, in which creative individuality is lost to highlight group creation.

Jane Krause who starts from collage in fabric on canvas and pigments sews and combines discordant images into a cohesive whole to find harmony in chance.

Laura Hernandez and her installation “Life Nature”, where natural pods are intervened with acrylic paint and photographic transfers to saving and recycle nature’s resources and balance their uses.

Patricia Meier with two works belonging to her series “Embroidery and Overflow” where the art of the needle and the thread are intertwined on paper and engraving to revalue this activity – renegade to the leisure of women in colonial times – that although they have an elaborate delicacy and dedication, even today they are appreciated and it is still almost entirely a work of female hands.

Linking Strands is a small display cabinet with brave artists who express themselves in their respective disciplines and dare to incorporate unconventional tools to create unique, powerful and exquisitely crafted pieces. They are voices of women murmuring their stories, weaving them with needle and thread, melting them into a very value art to be enjoyed by earthly gods.

Anaibis Yero / LAAP Art Curator/ Jan 3. 2022

Lisu Vega and lettering Linking Strands
Lettering, Aimee Perez y Sol Villanueva
Left Sheila Fraga, Patricia Meier, Sculpture: Aimee Perez, Judit Vidal Faife
Left to right: Aimee Perez, Judit Vidal Faife artworks
Left to right: Patricia Meier y Aimee Perez
Aimee Perez Sculpture
Aimee Perez, Analvis Perez y Jane Krause
Panoramic View
Panoramic View
Left to right: Sculpture by Aimee Perez, Textil by Sol Villanueva
Sol Villanueva wall
Sol Villanueva
Sol Villanueva
Laura Hernández, Life Nature
Sheila Fraga, Sorry
Patricia Meier artworks