Patricia Meier

Patricia Meier – Ecuador


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Abstract series

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About Artist

Bordados y Desbordes Series Statement

The theme on which this work revolves began eleven years ago with a macho comment on the role of women in Ecuadorian art, a topic that unfortunately
remains relevant in most Latin American countries.

I started the research reading about outstanding women in the arts and then about their struggle for equity since the 19th century and the first feminist
movements of the 60s.

I wanted to express my interest on this topic through Victorian graphic representation, as it was a time when women began to fight for their rights and
the psychedelic elements of the 60s linked to the first feminist movements, and their symbolic meaning.

Needle work and embroidery brings together artistic work around the reflection and awareness of my gender, but above all from the poetic evocation to the
beauty of trades considered merely domestic.

Between seams, embroidery and darning that I have also applied to the supporting paper of the work – which I have also previously worked with
engraving techniques – builds, in the first instance, a playful universe that allows to overflow the usual limits of so-called scholar art as like of the artisan craft.

On the other hand, in an evident collage of sewn experiences, it refers to the interior of traditions and also of prejudices associated with readings different
from the condition of gender and the notion of the domestic. They contrast inclusion with marginalization, taste with “aesthetics” and judgment,
embellishment with beauty, inherited traditions and acquired freedoms.

My work invites to explore spaces where they inhabit – between patches and amendments – the domesticated creation with the restlessness of the spirit that
incessantly overflows the margins.

PATRICIA MEIER (b. 1963, Switzerland)
Residence: Ecuador 

– Graduate in Design Management and Visual Communication, Santa Maria University, Guayaquil, Ecuador
– Technologist in Graphic Design and Advertising, Superior Polytechnic School of the Litoral, Ecuador

Masters: at Private Technical University of Loja, Ecuador

– Innovative Pedagogies
– Development of Intelligence
– Development of Intelligence and Education

– Zentangle Method Teacher, Rhode Island, USA, 2013
– Studies in the practice of full attention (Mindfulness),
– Integrating mindfulness into education,
– Ontological coaching studies with Alejandra Llamas
– Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (MARI): comprehensive system that uses symbols, known as mandalas, to reveal the inner truth and reality of the subject as it is. New York, USA


2013 Owner of cultural space Arte|Cultura|Diseño, Quito, Ecuador To Present
2018 Lecture with university students of third and fourth year of careers Design and Marketing about postgraduate courses for these careers in Europe. Universidad Santa Maria (USM), Guayaquil Campus, Guayaquil, Ecuador.
2008 Professor of Psychology of creativity and Multiple Intelligences. La Universidad Técnica
2009 Particular de Loja, Ecuador
2008 Professor in subjects: Introduction to Design, Typography, Design History, History of Art,
2006 Creativity workshop, Color psychology, Contemporary design, Graphic design Workshop. Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL), Guayaquil, Ecuador
2007 Professor of History of Art, Instituto Tecnológico de Artes del Ecuador (ITAE, Guayaquil, 2003 Ecuador

2018 aLfaRa StuDio workshop in Encina de San Silvestre – Salamanca, Spain


2019 Woman Printing-Act 1, curated by Natalia Giacchetta, Centro Grafico Buenos Aires, at Galerie Metanoia, Paris, France Engraved, an exbition of Contemporary Graphic artworks by Women Artists, curated by Natalia Giacchetta, Centro Grafico Buenos Aires, at Pompano Beach Cultural Center, Pompano Beach, FL, USA
2018 Language Autonomy, curated by Anaibis Yero, collective exhibition of Latin American Art Pavilion Project (LAAP)at Art & Design Galley, Miami, FL, USA Art on Paper II, curated by Natalia Giacchetta,Centro Grafico Buenos Aires, at Art & Design Gallery, Miami, FL, USA Bordados y Desbordes, Ileana Viteri Gallery, Quito, Ecuador
2016 Exhibition of Works on paper, Adriana Hoyos Furnishings Space, Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador
2014 Painting & Printmaking by Patricia Meier, Patricia Meier Gallery, Samborondon Business Center, Quito, Ecuador
2013 Patricia Meier: Técnicas y Objetos (Patricia Meier: Techniques & Objects), Patricia Meier Gallery, Samborondon Business Center, Quito, Ecuador
2012 Painting & Printmaking, National Museum of Museo Nacional del Banco Central del Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador
2009 Patricia Meier: Painting & Printmaking, Patricia Meier Gallery, Samborondon Business Center, Quito, Ecuador
2003 The Art of Patricia Meier, Old South Market “Crystal Palace” , Guayaquil, Ecuador
2001 Bellerive Art Gallery, Zurich Switzerland
2000 Embassy of Ecuador, Washington DC, USA
1999 Leonidas Ortega Moreira Foundation, Guayaquil, Ecuador Premio Paris, Museo del Banco del Pacífico, Guayaquil, Ecuador
1998 Galeria Claudius, Coral Gables Miami, FL, USA
1997 Galeria Formas, Lima, Peru
1995 Galeria Manzana Verde, Guayaquil, Ecuador
1994 Museo del Banco del Pacifico, Guayaquil, Ecuador
1993 Galeria David Perez McCollum (DPM), Guayaquil, Ecuador
1992 Galeria David Perez McCollum (DPM), Guayaquil, Ecuador Museo del Banco Central del Ecuador, Cuenca, Ecuador Museo del Banco Central del Ecuador, Riobamba, Ecuador


2019 Two Contemporary Ecuadorian Artists, Ecuador Consulate in Miami, FL, USA Engraved, curated by Natalia Giacchetta from Centro de Edicion Grafica Buenos Aires, at Pompano Beach Cultural Centro, Pompano, FL USA Women Printing – Act 1, curated by Natalia Giachheta from Centro de Edicion Grafica Buenos Aires, at Galerie Metanoia, Paris, France

2018 Language Autonomy, curated by Anaibis Yero, Latin American Art Pavilion exhibition, at Art and Design Gallery, Miami, FL, USA Destejer la Historia. Los hilos de la memoria (Undo the History. The threads of memory), curated by Leyla Dunia, organizer organizer Women’s Art Meeting at Center for Contemporary Art, Quito, Ecuador Ser Urbano (Be Urban), exhibition as the result of the residency at the aLfaRa StuDio workshop in Encina de San Silvestre – Salamanca carried out by a group of 14 graphic artists from the Estamperia Quiteña Foundation in 2017. Traveling exhibition that was exhibited in the Galería Alfara Gráfica, in Oviedo, Spain, in January 2018; at the Guayasamín Foundation, in Cáceres, Spain, in April 2018; and at the Metropolitan Cultural Center, in Quito, Ecuador April 2018.

2017 Imagen vibratoria, bajo el paraguas de su reproducción (Vibratory image, under the umbrella of its reproduction), curated by Hernán Pacurucu and Víctor Hugo Bravo, I Hall of the Contemporary Graphics, Nahím Isaías Museum, Guayaquil, Ecuador

2016 Libro de Artista (Artist book), Estamperia Quiteña, Quito, Ecuador

2014 EconArt, organized and curated by Madeleine Hollaender, sponsored by the Guayaquil Cultural Directorate of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage, Guayaquil, Ecuador

2011 Ispirato Corpo, organizers Olga Doumet and Gustavo Moscoso, Galapagos, Gallery in Royal Palm Hotel, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, Ecuador

2010 Ispirato Corpo, organizers Olga Doumet and Gustavo Moscoso, Gallery Patricia Meier Arte-Cultura-Diseño, Guayaquil, Ecuador

2005 Salon de Julio 2005, submitted work El sábado pinto flores (I paint flowers), Admission and award jury; Natalia Gutierrez (Colombia), Jaime Moreno (Mexico), Cristobal Zapata (Ecuador), Municipal Museum of Guayaquil, Ecuador

2002 Women in the engraving, Municipal Museum of Guayaquil, Ecuador

2001 Collective exhibition of serigraphy. Rene Portocarrero Serigraphy Workshop, Havana, Cuba International Salon of engraving, Quito, Ecuador Engraving exhibition, French Alliance, Quito, Ecuador La Huella del Grabado, Quito, Ecuador

2000 Salón Iberoamericano de Arte, Embassy of Ecuador in Washington DC, Salón de Julio, Museo Municipal. Guayaquil, Ecuador Libro de Artista, Museo del Banco Central, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Digital media

By Editorial section, “Exposición de Patricia Meier culminará con una charla” (Patricia Meier’s exhibition will culminate with a talk), Culture section, El Telégrafo Newspaper, Wednesday, June 2, 2018, Quito, Ecuador

By Editorial, “Cuando se zurce la memoria” (When memory is darned), La Hora Newspaper, May 11, 2018, Quito, Ecuador

By Editorial, “La artista Patricia Meier reivindica el arte de bordar y el de tejer”(The artist Patricia Meier claims the art of embroider and the weaving),

By Editorial, “Patricia Meier enfrenta a las mujeres con su sombra” (Patricia Meier confronts women with their shadow), La Republica online Newspaper, Cultural section, Thursday, December 12, 2013, Ecuador,

By Editorial, “El arte es su sello personal”( Art is her personal hallmark), El Universo Newspaper, Sep 9, 2010, Guayaquil, Ecuador

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