Sheila Fraga

Sheila Fraga – Havana, Cuba


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About Artist

My artwork is created by the need to express what I live, feel and think through artistic language. I use the self-portrait and the human figure, especially the feminine image as a point of departure, in a provocative and ironic way. I look at some passages in the history of art, such as angels and Venus and the influence of my cultural origins. My purposes are to express critically and creatively my vision of society, to make the audience think through a work aesthetically beautiful but profound in its content.
Intuition is my driving force in choosing a theme. I use Drawing and Painting as a
working tool. I take advantage of the use of multiple techniques such as oil, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, cut-out, textile art, ink, markers, pastel, colored pencils, charcoal and collage to experiment different textures and three-dimensional effects.
I work with selected photographic references from the internet and the media. As well as my self-appropriation of previous paintings, that I intervene with fragments cut, sewn and glued on other pieces, incorporating more pictorial details to achieve the great finale.
My current work is more focused on the nude in public spaces, with the mastery
of color and textures between the edges of abstraction and figuration. My life
experience is to believe in what I do. With this I intend to reach my recognition as a visual artist.

Sheila Fraga (b. 1978, Havana, Cuba)

1999 Graduated of Painting, National School of Fine Arts “San Alejandro”, Havana, Cuba
1995 Manero Experimental Workshop of Paintings, La Ceiba, Cuba

to present Grumbacher Certified Art Instructor, Michaels Store, Miami, FL, USA
Dec 11-14, 2017 Volunteer mural arts program EWF Stirrup Elementary, Miami, FL, USA
May-Aug, 2017 Visual artist at Pop Up art Shop, Miami, FL, USA
Jul 2016 to present Interior decorator at Guantanamera Cigars Store, Miami, FL, USA
Jul 2014-2016 Interior decorator at Sala Furniture, Miami, FL, USA
March 2017 Cover illustration, Black Fox Liberty magazine, vol. issue 12 at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madinson, New Jersey, managing editors by Racquel                          Henry, Pamela Harris & Marquita Hockaday
April 2017 Cover illustration, say Palm: Florida Literature & Art, vol. issue 11, University of South Florida, Tampa, managing editors by Alysia Sawchyn
March 2106 Cover illustration, La Voz magazine, vol. 12, Bard College, Mid-Hudson Valley, NY, directing by Mariel Fiori
2007 Cover and illustrations to the book Un sueño illegal. Fábula de inmigrantes sin papeles, by Rodolfo Bofill Phinney, Buenos Aires, Argentina
1999-2001 Assistant artist by Wifredo Lam Centre of Contemporary Art to the 6 Havana Biennial, Old Havana, Cuba

Unfoldings, curated by Carmen García, Domingo Ravenet Gallery, Havana, Cuba
          Cuban Identity, Espectro Art Gallery (virtual gallery),
2001 My Pettit Space, curated by Esther Maria Rest, Basilica of St Paul
          Outside the Walls, Rome, Italy, October 5, curated by Rev. Dr.Michael L
          Vono + Rector
2000 Attainable Nature, Nature History Museum, Old Havana, Cuba
          Beginnings, Peláez Gallery, National School of Fine Arts “San Alejandro”,
          Havana, Cuba
          Artist Portfolio, virtual gallery, curated by Esther Maria Rest
1999 Insight Space (Thesis Graduation Exhibition), Peláez Gallery, National
          School of Fine Arts “San Alejandro”, Havana, Cuba

Once upon a time… this world, LAAP collective exhibition curated by
          Anaibis Yero, American Contemporary Art Fair, Antiques & Design Mall, Art
          Basel week 2017, Miami, FL, USA
          Annual Art Miami-Dade Exhibit, World Aid Day Exhibit, Stephen P. Clark
          Center Lobby, December 1-15, Miami, FL, USA
          Fires of Rebellion, curated by Malcolm Rolling Production Manager,
          Yendor Production/Yendor Art, October 12-15, Newark, NJ, USA
          Memories & Challenges of Contemporary Latin American Art, curated by
          Anaibis Yero, Magnetic Pompano, Creative City Collaborative &
          Pompano Citi Centre, Pompano Beach, Broward, FL, USA
          Collateral exhibition to Shipwreck of reason, curated by Byron Swart,
          Pompano Beach Cultural Center, Broward, FL, USA
          FABRICA- Art Exhibition, curated by Byron Swart, Magnetic Pompano,
          Creative City Collaborative & Pompano Citi Centre, March 24,
          Pompano Beach, Broward, FL, USA
          Jose Martí art exhibition (in Honor of Cuba’s Poet & Hero), curated by Ana
          Juncadella Barbosa, Milander Center for Arts and Entertainment, Jan 27
          to Feb 24, Hialeah, FL, USA
2016 Cuban Art Contemporary Always, curated by the Cuban art collector
          Jose Sacramento, Gallery Rui Alberto, March, Porto, Portugal
2015 Blossoming Beauties, curated by Patrick Glémaud, Macaya Gallery, May
          14, Miami, FL, USA
2014 Art Takes Miami, Special Digital Exhibition, SCOPE Art Show in Miami, Art
          Basel week, Dec 3-7, Miami, FL, USA
          3rd Annual Juried International Exhibition of Contemporary Islamic Art,
          curated by Matt Anzak, LuminArte Fine Art Gallery, Oct 25 – Nov 29,
          Dallas, Texas, USA
2010 Elektro-Sexual, curated by Sofia Moreno and Alezandra Kimezak,
          The Bridgeport Art Center, Jun 4, Chicago, IL, USA
2011 20 x20, Area 23 Gallery, Wynwood Art District, Miami, FL, USA
2009 Small Show, curated by Rosie Gordon-Wallace, Diaspora Vibe Gallery,
          Dec, Miami, FL, USA
          FusionVI-Creative Vibrations, curated by William Braemer, Artfusion
          Gallery, Oct-Dec, Miami, FL, USA
          Esoteroc Illusions, curated by William Braemer, Artfusion Gallery, Jul- Sept,
          Miami, FL, USA
          Artistas contemporaneous cubanos, curated by the Cuban art collector
          Jose Sacramento, Galeria Jose Lorenzo, March, Santiago de Compostela,
          Santiesteban Print Schmidt Grand Opening, curated by Noel Santiesteban,
          Feb, Miami, FL, USA
2008 Beyond the Beach, Atelier Gallery, Dec, Miami, FL, USA
          A ultima ceia (The Last Supper), collective exhibition of painting, sculpture
          & photography, curayed by the Cuban art collector Jose Sacramento,
          Nuno Sacramento Contemporary Art, Jul, Aveiro, Portugal
          Sua Majestade, o Rei (His Majestic, the King), curated by the Cuban art
          collector Jose Sacramento, Contest / Exhibition, Nuno Sacramento
          Contemporary Art & Bairrada Wine Museum, Anadia, Portugal
2007 The Grand Opening of Work of Art Gallery’Second Location, curated by
          Marta Echazarreta, Art Gallery & Framing, Dec-Jan, Pompano Beach,
          Broward, FL, USA
          Group Exhibition, curated by Barbara Tejada & Gloria Allison (Vice
          President of Street Cluster Artist 2007 Mad Hatter Festival), Allison Gallery,
          Coconut Grove, Miami, FL, USA
2006 Street Cluster Artist 2006 Mad Hatter Festival, curated by Barbara Tejada,
          Nov 11-12, Coconut Grove, Miami, FL, USA
2004 Carnival, Calle Ocho Cultural Event, Miami, FL, USA
          Identifications, curated by the Cuban art collector José Sacramento,
          University of Aveiro, Portugal
2001 Cuban and American Artists Exhibition, U.S. Interests Section”, Havana,
          Los que llegan, young artist’s project, Seventh Salon of Plastic Arts Flora
2001 Homage to Rene Portocarrero, Domingo Ravenet Gallery, Havana,
2000 Fayad Jamis Small Format 00 Exhibition, University of Havana Gallery, Nov-
          Dec, Havana, Cuba
          Winter Auction, Imago Gallery, Grand Theatre of Havana, Havana, Cuba
          Group Exhibition, Washington Street Art Center Gallery, Boston,
          Massachusetts, USA
          2nd Exhibition of Students Graduated from National School of Fine Arts
          “San Alejandro”, Simón Bolivar Gallery, March, Old Havana, Cuba
1999 Auction Fall, Imago Gallery, The Great Theater of Havana, Cuba
          Playa Salón “99”, Servando Cabrera Moreno Gallery, May-Jun, Havana,
1998 Academia 98, Díaz Peláez Gallery, Jan, Havana, Cuba


2002 Spiritual event for Scientific Spiritism of Investigation School, Masonic
          Lodge Jose de Luz y Caballero, March, Havana, Cuba
1999 Baile de Fuego, Gipsy homage, Masonic Lodge Jose de Luz y Caballero,
          Havana, Cuba. Gypsy Corner, Graduation Thesis, Díaz Peláez Gallery,
          National School of Fine Arts “San Alejandro”, Havana, Cuba

2008 Hope, artwork donated to the Learning Link Foundation for the Auction for
          the benefit of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Fragile X
          Syndrome, April, Koubek Mansion and Garden, Miami, FL, USA
2001 Hombres con Bueyes, artwork donated to the campaign “Marathon of
          Hoping, fight against cancer” sponsored of the Terry Fox Foundation, Jan,
          Embassy of Canada in Cuba, Havana, Cuba

2002 Watercolors, Finalist Artist, Watercolor Contest, Domingo Ravenet Gallery,
          Havana, Cuba
2001 Mother feeling, painting awarded the Grand Prize, event Flora 2011:
          Homage to Rene Portocarrero, Marianao, Havana, Cuba

CUBA Natural History Museum, Old Havana
School of Visual Arts San Alejandro, Havana
ITALY St. Paul Episcopal Cathedral, Rome

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